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Creating Beautifully Designed Websites & Web Apps

Web Services (Designed/Development/Marketing)

Website Design
At Bigmind Infotech, you get an artistically designed website, through the right blend of text, graphics or animation. We ensure that your website is unique and puts you on top of your competitors. You get the highest quality web presence utilizing the latest tools and techniques. Our experts will extract your marketing requirements and represent them professionally to provide you instant recognition. We ensure that your ideas are well represented conveying detailed information to your business community. Our team of professional web designers, animators & visualizers provides youwith the best possible designs that meet your requirements.

Web Development
Bigmind India provides website development services to its clients from all over globe. The company is dedicated to providing professional Website Development Solutions including dynamic website development, eCommerce web applications, shopping sites development, b2b website developmentat & other web application development at very affordable prices. Bigmind Infotech is an web development company offering offshore software development, offshore website development &custom outsourced website development on Windows & Linux plateform using ASP programming, ASP.Net, C# & PHP Programming along with MS Access, MS SQL & MySql server database as backend for dynamic sites & eCommerce web solutions, dynamic website development, shopping website development, corporate intranets, etc. Besides web develoment, Bigmind Infotech provides graphic design, web layout design, logo design, total corporate identity design services, custom graphics, company branding strategies, custom shopping cart, dynamic & fully administrative website.

Online Portals
Portals should never be outlined spontaneously but should be well planned and thoroughly tested if the coding is done from the ground up by a development team. It is better to have a confirmation that a sizable load test is also performed on the test base, with clearly identified test cases. I have seen many a systems starting to crumple when the load is put to them. Suddenly the developers and the team who worked on the system will start to get frustrated. The system that was performing very successfully when put to unit testing with a small number of random data will start to pant puff and grind when put to heavy loads with projected number of realistic data.

Payment Integration
Online payment is transacted by using the payment gateway. Using online payment gateway, customers can make payments for goods and services purchased at the internet easily and conveniently. Some online payment gateways offer additional facilities for transferring money, sending invoices, making payments for invoices, etc online, through emails, mobile phones, etc. This process is very useful and popular because online payment gateway provides the customers with the easy process of online payment.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO has got focus in internet marketing as it is the most cost effective and efficient method of making the online business visible to huge masses of potential visitors searching through search engines. It takes your website from nowhere to top pages so that it can beat the competitors and earn the real advantage of being online and reach millions of visitors online.

Our SEO experts follow ethical (white hat) search engine optimisation techniques so that your website can get placement in the top pages of the search engines naturally that stays for longer and deliver maximal benefits of promotion.

Logo Design
Most of the companies cooperation, products, services, agencies and other entities in todays world are using an ideogram, sign, icon or an emblem, symbol or a combination of sign and emblem as a logo. Because of the availibilty of many companies, several logos has appeared. It becomes very difficult for us to recognise al the logos as with what company it is related. So, writing the name of the company with the logo is very important. Now a days usage of both logo and name of the company is in fashion.

Actually usage of idiogram as a logo, even with the name is sensible as people could duly identify the name instead of the suporting graphic portion is in as it makes it unique by its letters, colors and additional graphic elements.

Web Hosting
This is a great saying and is also true and reliable. This is very true that after being the starter in any of the field people want to hold good position in the same field. Thus, hosting comes into the mind. Similarly, Several companies are there in the market offering various Hosting services in various ranges of fee and services, making it difficult to choose the ideal alternative.

Many vendors are available to get you the best deal. Also, the company who designs your website can also give you the reliable and good hosting company’s reference. Either you can always trust google for finding the right choice for you.

Flash Design
Flash Designing is the process by which flash is added to the website. As we all know, every coin has two sides, one is positive and another being negative. Same with flash designing as well as flash games development is dominating the market scenario and has become an essential part of a web development process. Because of this the market value of flash designing is rising a lot. This is because of this field that the crowd visits the site for more time and pays longer duration there