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We do 100% Manual Submissions, and no software is being used while submitting your website to directories.

Directory submissions are regarded as one of the most effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices which will help your site achieve high rankings in all major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Bigmind Infotech is one of the leading directory submission service providers which can help you do Top Quality Directory Submissions in a proper way in many Non-reciprocal web directories at affordable price.

In competitive keyword markets it is impossible to maintain, or even obtain, good placement in the SERPs (search engine results pages) without obtaining a large number of back links to boost your global link popularity. Having your site listed in directories helps to build link popularity, increase your traffic, as well as boosts your search engine rankings. We do 100% Manual Submissions, and no software is being used while submitting your website to directories. To ensure this we also provide detailed excel report to our clients with screenshots of every submission that we do. We submit your Website to only Quality Directories considering-

  • Search Engine Friendliness
  • Recent cache of sub-pages
  • Inclusion in major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN)
  • Rankings for category specific topics in Search Engines
  • Static Text Links
  • Age of Directory
  • Quality of websites listed
  • Quality of Back Links
  • Keywords allowed in title tag
  • Core Mission of Directory

Directory Submission offers numerous advantages-

  • When using directory submissions, you can get your website listed in Google and other major search engines in a matter of days sometimes as major search engines find new websites through incoming links.
  • Most SEO friendly directories are spidered frequently by search engines, thus the chances of increased rankings are almost guaranteed with a link from a well-structured directory
  • By increasing your global link popularity you are increasing the frequency by which search engine robots access your website, thus increasing your websites visibility to the search engines.
  • Directory submissions help website owners build keyword relevancy for their websites.
  • Great resource for getting permanent One-Way Links from highly related categories sss

Article Submission, one of the most successful marketing strategies towards Search Engine optimization is a powerful way of attaining top quality one-way incoming links to your website. Article Marketing will get your site many relevant inbound links, which will definitely facilitate in boosting the Search Engines Rankings for your site - and finally you, get the Targeted traffic. SEO experts worldwide now accept that writing quality articles and submitting them to good article directories helps in improving link popularity of your site. At Web Info Tech India we offer Manual Article Submission Services to help boost your rankings in the search engines. Your website or product will be more visible to the people on internet. If you have written an interesting article, or employed freelance writers to create the content, we can help you out with the distribution of your articles. Our skilled marketing and distribution team get your articles to your potential customers providing your articles with the best exposure you deserve. We will publish your articles in all of the great publishing directories available on the internet. These sites in turn will allow the distribution of your article to other article sites along with the imbedded links to your website. So if you have some great articles and press releases that you need distributed, at Bigmind Infotech you get article submission services you need.

There are several well recognized Advantages of Article Submission Services:

  • Upper Rankings: Purposefully printed articles on different sites would enhance your inbound links and result in higher search engine rankings.
  • Low Links Competition: The amount of outbound links to other websites from the articles page generally has very few links. This will allow your website distinctive inbound link value.
  • Numerous Links: An article may comprise various links in its text. Each of these links features a distinctive Anchor Text all directing to different areas of your site. This grants you the benefit of targeting several Anchor Texts, keywords and incoming links from the same page.
  • Brand Value: Well written articles printed on well known sites would help you establish your site as an authority on your specialized field, delivering a good brand value to your service or product and improving your brand reputation.

Why hire our Article Submission services--

  • We have the required expertise and can help you submitting your articles to various article directories saving your countless hours.
  • As we do 100% manual submissions and no kind of Automatic Software is being used for Article Submissions, so there’s hardly any chance for mistakes!
  • Our Well Trained and Professionally Qualified SEO Team, is well experienced and knows their task very well. They keep on updating themselves of the latest trends.
  • We are quite flexible with our clients, and are readily available for all kinds of clients custom needs and requirements
  • We submit your articles to top SEO Friendly article directories with high PR Rank and we keep on updating our list frequently. Also if you want us to use your article directory list, we can do so.
  • You can either send in your already written article or you can ask us to write the article for you. Once we know the keywords and URL's you wish to target, we can create an interesting article including your keywords and URL's for you.
  • Upon completion of your order, we will provide you a detailed report with links to each and every article directory we submitted your article in.
  • Complete manual submissions by our experienced staff. We can give you Screenshots of every submission that we do for your website to assure you that we performed manual submissions for your site.
  • You can send us Multiple Titles and Descriptions to be used with your articles to help your site attain more natural link backs.