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Domain Registration "Unique Impressive and Usable"

Domain name is the unique name that identifies your own address on an Internet site such as .com. Domain name makes identity of an business on internet. Domain Names always have 2 or more parts, separated by dots. The part on the left is the most specific, and the part on the right is the most general. It is truly a unique identifier of you or your company thus two parties may never hold identical domain names. Once a domain name has been registered, it is no longer available to anyone else until it expires automatically or is freed up by the registering authority. Through your unique domain name provided by us your customers will keep you in mind and able to find you among the millions of other Web sites on the Internet.

CLICK HERE to Search Avalibility for Domain or to Register a Domain Name DOMAIN REGISTRATION. Domain name is a name that identifies a computer or computers on the internet. These names appear as a component of a Web site's URL, e.g. This type of domain name is also called a hostname.

The most common types of Domain name are hostnames that provide more memorable names to stand in for numeric IP addresses. They allow for any service to move to a different location in the topology of the Internet (or an intranet), which would then have a different IP address. Top-level domains: Every domain name ends in a top-level domain (TLD) name, which is always either one of a small list of generic names (three or more characters), or a two-character territory code based on ISO-3166.

Top-level domains are sometimes also called first-level domains.

Unsponsored .biz .com .edu .gov .info .int .mil .name .net .org
Sponsored .aero .asia .cat .coop .jobs .mobi .museum .pro .tel
Regional .travel
Infrastructure .eu .asia
Proposed .arpa .root
Deleted/retired .berlin .bzh .cym .gal .geo .kid .kids .lat .mail .nyc
Reserved .post .sco .web .xxx
.example .invalid .localhost .test
.bitnet .csnet .ip .local .onion .uucp

Domain Registration is the primary and foremost footstep to start setting up an online identity, providing great value and more features. We aid you in registering your domain name with full security and reliability. The process of registration will complete within 24 working hours after you made call to us. You can directly complete the registration process & get the desired domain immediately, if you opt to pay online via Credit Card or any other medium (Like Internet Banking or Debit Card) for immediate transfer of amount. Bigmind Infotech provides their customers domain registration facility at a very low price. Some of the benefits of domain registration at Bigmind Infotech are:-

  • Lowest Prices
  • Advanced Control Panel
  • PostrgeSQL Database
  • Hassle-Free Registration
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Total DNS Control
  • Domain Security S

We at Bigmind Infotech offers domain registration at very low price & what attracts you is complete domain control at your fingertips. We have a very strong domain control panel for each domain name buyer to mange domain properties like: DNS management, domain forwarding, A record, MX record & Email forwarding etc.Currently we are offering following top-level domain (TLD) registration in India:-

  • .com (commercial business)
  • .net (Network organizations)
  • .org (Network organizations)
  • .biz (Business)
  • .in (India)
  • .co. in (Indian business)
  • .info
  • .us
  • .name
  • .cc
  • .tv
  • .ws
  • .mobi